Schedule of May

Thank you very much for choosing us always. We are pleased to inform you the schedule of May as below. Please find well. We are looking forward to seeing you all. In the meantime, terrace seats are opening until 18.00. It is still bit cold. So, please keep warm with our very hot Ramen noodles. … Meer lezen over Schedule of May

April Schedule

Thank you very much for always taking us. We are so pleased to keep serving you our Ramen and Udon even in such a hard moment. ◎We will open the shop from Thursday to Sunday,4days in a week. Please notice. ◎We are ready to serve you that ”Spicy Chiken Miso Sesami Tantan Men"9.5 euro. It … Meer lezen over April Schedule

Beautiful March has come.

Thank you very much for always your taking us. We are pleased to inform you that our opning schedule as a photo attached. Please find well.◎We will serve "Tonkotsu Ramen" even on ”Naar Udon” (udon days) but limited quantity.◎Also, we will serve Udon even on Ramen days, but limited quantity. Please ask us in advance.◎Our … Meer lezen over Beautiful March has come.

Udon day/ うどんの日 ←Click ï¼

 We are pleased to inform you that we will open the shop on Wednesday and Thursday again as ”Udon Day" . We will serve you Udon(Made from 100 % windmill flour), Curry and Oyako-don. Please check the Pictures attached. All meals are served as take away. うどんの日をはじめます。100%風車の粉で打ったうどんと、親子丼とカレーも提供致します。是非ご賞味ください。当面はテイクアウトのみでの提供となります。 

Opening Schedules Nov. Dec. & Jan.2021⇇Click!!

 Thank you very much for your supporting us always. We will run the shop as below. Sorry for any inconvenience. <(_ _)> いつもご利用ありがとうございます。下記の通り営業を予定しております。ご了承の程、宜しくお願い致します。