Noodle making,etc/ 製麺、など

・I make noodles for friends restaurant. By repeating the combination of noodle bands, springness and smoothness are appeared. It’s really tough job, but I am so glad to make my original noodles.


IMG_20170217_213458.jpg → IMG_20170218_211342.jpg IMG_20170218_211404.jpg    IMG_20170221_134305.jpg

・Customizing up the parts by myself. These contribute little by little to efficiency improvement. It’s big fun when it work. I just wish that machine carry on to work. It seems ok so far…so far…



・With the help of a lawyer, I expect to obtain a visa in the very near future. It makes me positive to corporate registration and I made avatar at the same time. His name is “Onion-man”. He can grab the gyo-za directly, so wild (>_<).”Oni-woman” is coming soon, don’t miss it.







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